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Tips Exhibition: how to find ways to improve your exhibition

Release time:2020-05-20 Source:Dongguan tianhangjian International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibitors are always looking for ways to improve their exhibitions - we are often asked what advice we have on exhibitions and how to make the most of the booths.
Contrary to what you've seen on Google, there's no secret to the success of your exhibition. Preparing for trade shows in advance is key because you have time to respond to the inevitable last minute changes in planning.
Here we summarize 12 suggestions and provide a perfect plan list for your exhibition, especially if you see this a few months before the exhibition!
Business objectives
Your business should have goals for at least the next 12 months, including which markets they want to focus on, or which products should be launched. These will lay the foundation for your marketing strategy and allow you to focus on what channels will most effectively achieve your goals.
Choose the right Exhibition
It sounds obvious, but one of our top tips for the exhibition is that sometimes it's worth thinking outside the box. An exhibition designed for your industry may be as successful as an exhibition designed for your customers. Being surrounded by competitors at industry fairs can put a lot of pressure on your team, and if you are surrounded by potential customers, you may generate more potential customers.
Marketing plan
You've decided to show yourself. Now it's time to let people know! Without making full use of the exposure that the exhibition organizers will provide and the reports that the relevant media will bring, any exhibition list is incomplete. One of our most effective suggestions for the exhibition is to interact on social media through event tags and profiles.
Station design
People can easily be divided into two categories - customized exhibition booths, or cheap pop-up banner systems. The perfect solution is often in between. With modular braces, you won't compromise on design, and your braces can also scale according to your space size. If you plan to attend more than one exhibition, this is your ideal choice. In addition, there are plenty of examples to inspire your creativity - check out our inspiration page.
Train your employees - products and rota
Staff training is sometimes overlooked in meetings and exhibitions, but it makes sense to make it part of the Expo planning list. You may have new products or services to talk about, so you want your sales team to be ready to answer any awkward questions that may arise! At the same time, let your employees know the waiting system in advance. This helps keep everyone fresh after a quick change of half an hour.
Station construction
You know your goal, have decided the design of a stand, and your staff are ready. Next you need to build it! For many exhibitors, this is one of the most intense parts of the exhibition, which also leads to one of our most important tips for the exhibition: invite others to do it. There are many professional scaffold builders who have experience working in high-pressure environment. They can perfectly equip your scaffold to make you look incredible without needing you to move a finger. In addition, it gives you a chance to generate more clues!
Standing in front of people
On average, 75% of visitors come to buy or plan to buy (Marketing doughnuts) in the future. People go to exhibitions to learn more about the latest innovations and services in their industry. Don't be shy about showing them what they want to do! If your stall is in a very quiet place, keep your sales team close to the high traffic area - where we find coffee, it's a good place!
What you will never forget
Giveaways often go wrong because they're tacky, but if you can come up with something useful and relevant, you're the winner. High quality handbags are one of our top suggestions for the exhibition, because tourists will be flooded with flyers and brochures, and their plastic bags or backpacks will soon be filled.
Measure everything
By measuring everything, we mean trying to record every interaction you have in the witness box. Write down what you said, whether it's with old or new customers, so you can follow up after the show. If there is a larger team waiting in the office to answer the phone, it is also useful to use scanners to classify customers based on their interest in the product.
Don't tear down your stand as soon as possible. Preparing a trade show involves what you are going to do with your position after the show. Once again, one of our suggestions for booth decomposition is to let others do it. You will have enough time to worry about the next exhibition, so if you know that your stand is safeguarded and you can take it next time you need it, there is less to think about.
Follow up leader
Follow up, follow up, follow up. On average, sales increase after contacting potential customers more than seven times. How many salespeople have given up so far? Don't be one of them! If they're interested in your product and it suits their business, keep working.
If it works, book early
We have seen many exhibitors book again for next year's exhibition before the end of this exhibition. If you can book so long in advance, you can save thousands of money! Consider how to reallocate your budget to the marketing of your next show - it's a win-win situation. Exhibitors are always looking for ways to improve their

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