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Exhibition sharing: three key indicators to evaluate the success of the exhibition

Release time:2020-05-20 Source:Dongguan tianhangjian International Exhibition Co., Ltd

In exhibitions, enterprises usually integrate various strategies, interact with customers, generate clues and promote their own brands. Fortunately, the success of these strategies can be tested by experience; in fact, enterprises can use many specific measurement methods to determine whether they are successful in the exhibition. Let's take a look at the three best ways to evaluate your exhibition performance.
1) Qualified leadership
Obviously, not everyone who shakes hands with you, or the email address you get on the show, will buy your product. Because you're unlikely to have time to track all the leads, it's important to have a system to determine which leads are worth tracking ("qualified leads") and the value of each.
While most companies have a strategy to assess their leading edge, the systems created by other companies, Moen, deserve attention. Their system classifies lead according to the number of projects completed by customers every year and the decision-making power of customers in the company; the more projects completed, the more money customers can spend, the higher the leading ranking. It's a great system to determine the success of any display, so that you can predict the potential profits by specific clues and spend your follow-up time appropriately.
2) Online activities
Another way to determine the success of your program is to watch your online activities. If your event is successful, you should see an increase in traffic on your website and social media pages during and after the show, including additional:
• blog users
• followers
• shares
• general comments
A traffic tracker like hubspot can tell you exactly what people say to your products online, and what they say on which websites, so that you can compare your opinions and mentions before, during and after the fashion show, so as to measure consumers' response to your activities. While not everyone who connects with you through the Internet and social media will be your customers, don't underestimate the impact of bringing new faces to your brand. If you are willing to respond to feedback and questions during and after the show, visitors may become buyers.
3) Customer relationship management
Of course, getting new customers is one of the main reasons for participating in the exhibition, but the importance of strengthening existing customer relations cannot be ignored. The exhibition is to show your value to existing customers and remind them to choose your best time. It also provides an opportunity to meet with customers you rarely visit to see if their needs have changed and how they feel about your service.
If you don't have a strategy to measure the strength of your customer relationship, there are many ways to do that. This includes simple ways to ask customers how they feel, measure feedback on social media sites, and use more complex customer relationship management (CRM) software, such as Infusionsoft and salesforce, to help manage sales, implement automated marketing plans, and even provide customer support. Such an application provides detailed analysis that enables you to confidently track the behavior of customers and determine their response to your activities.

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