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2020 Guangdong International Marine Equipment Expo

Release time:2020-07-17 Source:Dongguan tianhangjian International Exhibition Co., Ltd

2020 Guangdong International Marine Equipment Expo


Exhibition date:
September 25-28, 2020
Exhibition cycle:
Once a year
Zhanjiang Marine Exhibition Center and surrounding waters
Guangdong International Marine Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Maritime Exhibition) is an international exhibition organized by Guangdong provincial Party committee and provincial government in Zhanjiang. It is strongly supported by the equipment development department of the Military Commission, the Navy, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Department of transportation equipment development, and the Ministry of transportation. It aims to open an important window for the exhibition of advanced marine equipment at home and abroad, and to build a platform for promoting the exchange and cooperation of marine equipment and maritime related issues One belt, one road China's first exhibition of marine equipment, will be built on the high-end platform of military equipment trade, and will be built to serve the "one belt and one way" construction and expand cooperation in external development.
Exhibition information:
The 2020 Guangdong sea show is scheduled to be held in Zhanjiang Marine Exhibition Center and nearby sea areas from September 25 to 28, 2020. It is the first time in China to set up maritime exhibition area and land exhibition area at the same time. It focuses on high-end equipment and marine high-tech such as marine transportation, resource development, maritime services, information system, marine related military industry, etc., as well as marine high-tech, organizing marine drills and opening advanced ships to visit, and holding a series of forums at the same time And economic and trade activities. The land exhibition area is about 100000 square meters, and the sea exhibition area is 8 square kilometers. It is estimated that there will be more than 1000 exhibitors, more than 5000 purchasers and more than 500000 visitors.

Exhibition category:
1. Marine equipment
Ship supporting (diesel engine, engine, natural gas and electric propulsion, air independent propulsion, battery and battery and other marine power equipment, marine radar, log, depth sounder, ship automatic identification system, satellite communication system and other communication and navigation system equipment, sewage treatment and other ship supporting equipment, cabin deck equipment and other related products)
Port and Ocean Engineering (such as: cargo logistics processing system of wharf, large machinery and equipment of wharf: hoist, crane, elevator, crane, grab, special vehicle, etc.; offshore platform, salvage, underwater operation, diving equipment and equipment, replenishment equipment for offshore operation, liquid natural gas marine transportation equipment, offshore wind power, marine ranch, shipbuilding machinery and equipment, marine fishing and Related supporting equipment, various large machine tools and other related products)
Marine technology (e.g. sonar and underwater acoustics, pollution control, emergency and crisis management services, alternative / biofuels, navigation equipment, nautical mapping and hydrology, satellite communications, command and control systems and services and other related products)
Emerging fields (e.g. exhibition of technologies and products in emerging fields such as marine energy, marine tourism, marine ranching, new marine materials, artificial intelligence and other related products)
2. Maritime services
Ship repair and maintenance, ship agents, ship operators, ship management, ship owners, training and education institutions, classification societies, government agencies, chambers of commerce associations, law, finance, insurance, registration, consulting and other maritime services and other related products.
3. Information system
Electronic system (e.g. radar system, ESM /Reconnaissance / jamming / anti-jamming, optical and photoelectric technology, coastal monitoring system, defense system, maritime safety and rescue, electronic anti-theft system, radio equipment, simulation training system, risk analysis and control, video monitoring, access control, alarm, biometric, detection, monitoring equipment, information and network security, sensors, unmanned security system and other related products Products, etc.)
Emergency system (such as: rescue / emergency / first aid and medical equipment, information and data management / software, communication and control technology, nuclear protection, environmental monitoring system, emergency vehicles and equipment, personal protective equipment and clothing and other related products)
4. National defense equipment
Submersible, marine helicopter, patrol aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned underwater vehicle, autonomous vehicle, etc.

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